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The ionic foot soak is a natural way to detoxify and re-energize you body.

The ionic foot soak initiates cellular rejuvenation, which leads to mental alertness, a sense of well-being and a desire to be active.  It can provide for natural weight loss by improving you digestion, sleep, chemical and hormonal balance and effects of stress on your body.

People who have experienced the ionic foot soak have reported amazing results!  They claim the ionic foot soak has helped them with the following health challenges:

Arthritis   Skin Problems
Diabetes   Neuropathy
Circulation   Acidosis
Headaches   ADD/ADHD
Menstrual pain   Depression
Menopausal symptoms   Bi-polar
Insomnia   Constipation
Edema   Incontinence
Candida   Fatigue
Enlarged prostate   Reduce effects of stress
Muscular injuries   Joint pain and swelling
In one foot soak it will start to flush your lymphatic system, detoxify and improve your liver and kidney functions, remove heavy metals from your body, reduce lactic acid stored in your muscles, and balance your body’s PH.




One treatment will improve your health, but we suggest a series of treatments for complete internal detoxification and to rebalance your body’s energy system.

We recommend 2 soaks per week for 4 – 6 weeks and then once a month as maintenance.

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